Frequently asked questions


How do you asses the level of service a client may need?


We will initially speak with you or your family at a free no obligation one hour consultation.  We will talk through and assess your physical and emotional needs and tailor a service plan and timetable together.  We do not provide medical care or nursing, therefore if medical care or nursing is required it will have to be sought separately, and we will create a timetable to work around that care.


How do you tailor a service plan?


We know that to keep your independence we have to tailor a service which keeps you in control.  We want you involved as much as possible in creating a plan that is personal and right for you.  At the initial consultation we will discuss any assistance you require.  The consultation process is ongoing and we will amend and evolve the service plan once we get to know you, your family and as your requirements change.  


How do you train your House Angels?


Once background checks have been performed, our House Angels are trained on the job to meet the standards that Your House Angels Ltd and our clients require.  We have high standards and we require all of our House Angels to be professional, helpful and friendly.  We only employ people who we would have confidence in supporting our own loved ones.  


How do you monitor your House Angels?


We are continually assessing and monitoring the standards of our House Angels.  We also ask clients for regular feedback and actively encourage this.  Our services are based on professionalism and trust, so we encourage the raising of any concerns which would be acted upon swiftly.


Can we make changes to our compassionate or bridging domestic services plan?


Of course, it’s your plan!  This is a flexible service that we will adapt to suit to your requirements and needs.  The consultation process to tailor your service plan is ongoing, and we can make amends at any time. 


What do I do if I need to change an appointment?


We are working on an automated service to enable you to amend or change the time of an appointment.  However in the meantime, please call us.  If possible we would like 24 hours’ notice to any changes or cancellations, but we understand that will not always be possible.


Is there anything that my House Angel cannot do?


We are unable to offer any services for medical care, administering any medication or nursing, which includes assistance in washing, dressing and eating.  All services will be discussed and detailed at the initial consultation.  Any medical care or nursing required would need to be sourced from another service, and we will arrange the timetable to work around your medical or nursing commitments. 


Can my House Angel prepare my meals?


Of course!  We can discuss at the time of consultation any dietary requirements (including favourite meals).  We can assist in compiling shopping lists and work together to create a balanced meal plan if you require it.  We can also ensure that meals which need preparation are prepared in advance and are easily accessible. 


Will I have the same House Angel for every visit?


Although we will endeavor to send the same House Angel to you on each occasion, it is not always feasible.  However, we will try and keep the visiting faces as familiar as possible and introduce you to House Angels prior to their first visit.  It’s important to us that you are comfortable with any person we send to your home and are also fully aware of who to expect for each visit. 


How can I be sure that the House Angel stays for the full amount of time and completes all of the services agreed?


We operate a fully professional service and we make periodic and monitoring visits to ensure the highest standards are being met.  Each House Angel is required to clock in and out, and are given a copy of the agreed timetable with an itinerary checklist to be completed for each visit.  We also ask each House Angel for a short personal precis of each visit so we can maintain the consultative approach with you.  We will also ask you for ongoing feedback.  All feedback is read and responded to within 24 hours. 

How much do the services cost?

We charge an hourly rate which is based on frequency and length of the tailored service plan discussed at the initial consultation, and you will be given the quote during the initial consultation also.  In addition, we will charge a per mile cost to cover any assisted or accompanied appointments or excursions, and any additional costs incurred (such as parking etc).  We will send you a weekly invoice in arrears which can be paid online, by standing order, direct debit or cheque.  

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